v1.2.8 – 23 Jan 2024

  • Home Widget optimize support basic header
  • Customize select option header: allow setup what location, category for select
  • Hide tax field optional
  • Icon add listing
  • Remove pending, deleted listing when searching
  • Improve Detail Listing hidden field options
  • Fix issue fetch Booking list infinite loading
  • Improve fetch user location
  • Add search history
  • Fix blog show wrong user’s photo profile
  • Add icon show current location on map
  • Improve UI/UX, upgrade lasted dependency, Flutter SDK
  • Import CSV listing: support booking price, skip download image if image was existed on system

v1.2.7 – 7 Jan 2024

  • Support widget layout & customize home screen by backend
  • Customize UI home screen by backend: category, location, listing, banner, Google Admob
  • Support WordPress Blog
  • Move add listing feature on the top UI
  • Fix can’t load default image
  • Improve sign up account with non special character
  • Fix can’t set GPS when user add new listing data
  • Support migration data from other system by import csv
  • Support import/export CSV format: listing, category, location, feature
  • Add Poppins font as default

v1.2.6 – 30 Sep 2023

  • Support last SDK Flutter Channel stable 3.13.6
  • Update lasted dependency & migrate libs deprecate
  • Fix splash loading optional field listing detail
  • Fix parse location data listing

v1.2.5 – 05 Sep 2023

  • Support Flutter version 3.13.0 on channel stable
  • Upgrade lasted libs dependency
  • Remove WordPress theme source code

v1.2.4 – 23 May 2023

  • Support lasted Flutter SDK version 3.10.1
  • Fix issue Gradle Android Android Studio Flamingo
  • Support dependencies: intl 0.18.0

v1.2.3 – 28 Mar 2023

  • Improve performance and fix bugs
  • Support lasted Flutter SDK version 3.7.8
  • Add function for accept booking request
  • Support search content, title, address, category, location by keyword

v1.2.2 – 04 Dec 2022

  • Fix can’t save wishlist
  • Support searching keyword by the address
  • Support sub category view
  • Support filter 3 levels: country, city, state
  • Add country, city, state in detail screen
  • Improve sign up flow, message error
  • Share listing detail, user profile via QR code
  • Scan listing detail, user profile, booking detail via QR code

v1.2.1 – 31 Sep 2022

  • Allow user input booking information when submit new listing
  • Show booking price on card list/grid/block & detail screen
  • Show user name from booking list 
  • Add tab request booking for owner can review 
  • Fix add wrong social network google key 
  • Fix can’t store mobile push token 
  • Fix layout broken on android
  • Support Firebase push when the booking is changed status 
  • Only show comment when the status is approved 
  • Fix show symbol pricing on web
  • Fix bug Permission Denied although header has sent correct JWT token
  • Update setting Android REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES
  • Fix can’t edit country, city, state on app

v1.2.0 – 07 Sep 2022

  • Upgrade package support flutter SDK 3.3
  • Fix issue can not show the file attachment field
  • Fix social network fields: always show and show wrong attribute link
  • Add listing name in tab reviews
  • Update open hour field is alway expand
  • Fix issue show edit/delete option if the author is not owner of the listing
  • Fix issue expire token
  • Remove html element when show alert modal
  • Add video field on detail screen

v1.1.9 – 08 Aug 2022

  • Add function allow user deactivate account
  • Add submit social network fields on mobile app
  • Improve performance & fix bugs

v1.1.8 – 1 Aug 2022

  • Update android support Firebase last version
  • Fix bug can’t filer over 2 categories same time
  • Update pull to refresh and load new slider image
  • Fix bug submit form app: gps picker, tag picture and can’t submit image
  • Register new user default role is Author (support submit image)

v1.1.7 – 12 July 2022

  • Fix performance loading image
  • Fix issue can’t build Android with out of date Firebase dependency

v1.1.6 – 23 Jun 2022

  • Update build error when release android (Re update on 03 July 2022)
  • Support Flutter Framework version 3
  • Fix build app error on Android with QR code library old version
  • Add tags icon list in detail screen – Add social network section in detail screen
  • Show attachment in detail screen (add via WordPress backend)
  • Allow user submit video and show on screen detail (add via WordPress backend)
  • Add Spanish language – Show hide button add listing on the app by admin setting
  • Show hide fields control by admin setting: image, gallery, email, address ..
  • Fix search return empty language
  • Submit listing approval from the app. User submit approval is pending and need to be approved by admin
  • Work with WordPress plugin Listar – Directory Listing & Classifieds WordPress Plugin version 1.0.14

v1.1.5 – 04 Apr 2022

  • Support WordPress version 5.9.2 or higher
  • Organize the setting section & add more setting section
  • Add booking feature for the mobile app
  • Support WordPress backend review booking, insert/update & delete booking information
  • Support 4 booking types: standard, daily, hourly & slot
  • Support payment gateway: Paypal, Stripe, Cash on Delivery & Bank Transfer

v1.1.3 – 15 Sep 2021

  • Change demo domain to
  • Support WordPress Theme sync with backend and mobile app

v1.1.2 – 10 Aug 2021

  • Improve sync favorite state of the product
  • Improve sync rating/comment state of the product
  • Improve sync product state after add/modify
  • Gallery image preview gesture swipe bottom for hidden
  • iOS pod cache issue

v1.1.1 – 08 Aug 2021

  • Update UI home
  • Add discover tab list data
  • Personalize color app theme

v1.1.0 – 24 Jul 2021

  • Bloc & cubit clean code
  • Improve UI/UX themes
  • Add more theme
  • Fix bugs outdate dependency
  • Null Safety & Flutter 2.2.3 supported
  • User can change photo profile via the app
  • QR code scan author profile & link detail author listing page
  • User can submit listing directory listing: Add/Update/Delete
  • Work with Listar – Directory Listing & Classifieds WordPress Plugin (v1.0.9)

v1.0.9 – 29 Apr 2021

  • Bloc Deprecate API
  • Migrate Firebase – Admob – Analytics
  • Fix duplicate phone and fax information in detail screen

v1.0.8 – 17 Mar 2021

  • Upgrade support Flutter SDK 2.0.2
  • Clean code/Theme
  • Update tax field in the product detail screen
  • Translate Introduction screen

v1.0.7 – 11 Feb 2021

  • Fix comment can’t save the rating
  • Multiple stack view detail

v1.0.6 – 06 Dec 2020

  • Push notification with Firebase when create/update directory listing
  • Import data with format CSV or XML
  • Clean code & update Flutter SDK 1.22.4
  • Fix logout when expire token
  • Fix photo view
  • Font awesome issue
  • Search Improve
  • GridView ratio responsive with multiple devices

v1.0.3 – 07 Oct 2020

  • Update Library and Flutter SDK 1.22
  • Clean Code and Bloc
  • Improve Performance List and Pull Refresh
  • Search Autocompleted
  • Fix Minimus Target iOS and Fix FontAwesome on Xcode 12

v1.0.2 – 02 Sep 2020

  • Add open hours  for detail screen
  • Active call number when user click on phone number
  • Open url directly from detail screen via url data on screen
  • Fix comment doesn’t save rating value
  • Image swipe right doesn’t active if image is number sixth over
  • Can’t view by popular location
  • Add more languages:  Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indian

v1.0.0 – 25 Aug 2020

First release