Listar Pro


Listar Pro is a mobile directory listing app for classified directory listing industry. It uses React Native Framework and work with WordPress backend. It’s suitable for many kinds of mobile directory listing like store locator, tourists or city guide, event & attraction places, property directory. 

It supports connecting with WordPress sites and supports WordPress backend. So If you had WordPress site or want to make your site by WordPress and need a mobile application can display consist content from your site, this project is suitable for you

Why you should buy Listar Pro ?

  • You had a WordPress site or want to build a WordPress site can work with mobile app same content display
  • Include backend for content management
  • Save more hundred of hours for development
  • Supports iOS and Android cross-platform applications
  • High performance and stable product
  • Easy to customize the application
  • Suitable for any Directory Listing applications 
  • Support mobile booking & payment


You can try before do purchase. It’s available download on App Store & Google Play