Does the project include backend and connect APIs ?

This project used React Native for develop and used backed is WordPress. This project supported REST APIs for mobile app can connect and show data

This project has an Admin page for managing data. Users have to install WordPress Plugin Listar – Directory Listing & Classifieds WordPress Plugin. This plugin was developed by PassionUI Team. This plugin allows you to manage your directory listing and support REST APIs with many features like (directly, category, feature, location, setting, rating & review, GEO location, open hours, social network, address …etc).

Do I have to pay more to use the backend/admin page ?

No, you don’t have to pay any extra cost for use admin page. PassionUI Team has taken many effort develop Listar – Directory Listing & Classifieds WordPress Plugin.for Free. It’s compatible with Listar Pro mobile application

What’s account using for login the app ?

The Listar Pro is working and connecting with WordPress site, so that all accounts are activating from your WordPress site can be used for login via the Listar Pro application

Can I release the app to both iOS and Android?

Yes, this app is made by React Native framework which support to release for both iOS and Android, please discover more the framework from 

Will I get the free upgrade on next coming version ?

Yes, you will get the free upgrade with more awesome features coming. You will get the notify email for new version update on stores.