Getting Start

The Listar React Native UI KIT supports both React Native Cli and Expo Cli (Managed Workflow)

System Requirements


Make sure you have a recent version (15.11 or later) of Node installed globally. We recommend installing Node and Watchman using Homebrew. Run the following commands in a Terminal after installing Homebrew:

brew install node  
brew install watchman  

Expo Cli

If you prefer Expo Cli more than React Native Cli, this project is also supported. Please run the command below Terminal

npm install -g expo-cli

Please read more official web page for how to use Expo in detail

React Native Cli

Node comes with npm, which lets you install the React Native command line interface. This develop tool is using for React Native Cli

Run the following command in a Terminal:

npm install -g react-native-cli  

Getting Start With Expo CLI

After unzip the download pack, you’ll found a source-expo folder with all the files. Open a Terminal in source-expo folder and run command

Listar – Source Expo
cd ./source-expo
npm install 
expo start

After you run the command successfully then you can find the result like the image below.

Listar – Expo command

Please install the Expo demo app via Apple Store or Play Store. Then use your phone scan the QR code above for demo the Listar app (please make sure your phone and your computer are using same the network connection)

Listar – Expo demo

Getting Start With React Native CLI

After unzip the download pack, you’ll found a source folder with all the files. Open a Terminal in source folder and run command

Listar – Source


Install node modules

cd ./source  
npm install  

Install cocoapods

sudo gem install cocoapods  
cd ./ios  
pod update  
pod install  

Link fonts and resource icons

npx react-native link  

Run with Ios Simulator by the command

open -a Simulator  
npx react-native run-ios  

Using your Xcode and open file ./source/ios/listar.xcworkspace and do follow steps below

  • Select your simulator device
  • Build project with simulator and your enjoy your development
Listar – IOS Simulator


Before getting started, please read thoroughly this React Native official docs for how prepare with Android development
After you finished setup for Android, we will move to next step

Install node modules

cd ./source  
npm install  

Link fonts and resource icons

npx react-native link  

Start a development server by the command

npx react-native start  

Using your Android Studio (3.5.3 or last version) and build project with folder ./source/android

Listar – Android Studio Build

After then please do following steps below

  • Step 1: ADM Manager – Install your virtual devices for use
  • Step 2: Sync project with Gradle files
  • Step 3: Select virtual device and Run your application
Listar – Android Studio Build with Virtual Device

Video Installation Guide

We also made video for how to set up for Ios and Android (Windown)