Source Structure

Listar Flux – Source Structure

Config Files

File locate: ./lib/configs/..

  • image.dark: all images use for the app
  • theme.dark: define common FontFamily, FontWeight, Typography system
  • theme_collection.dark: theme schema for application


File locate: ./lib/widgets/..

Contains all UI widget of application like: Button, Loading, Star Rating, Item, Card, Message …


Contains all Blocs pattern of the application


File locate: ./lib/screens/..

Contains all screens of the application

All template design of the app are locate in here (./lib/screens/..). You could change or re-structure by matching with your own project structure design.


File locate: ./assets/..

You can store images, fonts or other file resource in this folder


File locate: ./lib/models/..

We defined data model for each screen, all data will be load through data model class


File locate: ./lib/utils/..

Contains all utils function like validate form, logger, switch mode theme, color … It looks like helper functions